Terms of Use

We do not view pictures and have not for years. If you need our assistance matching what you have, you need to go to our web site and look for stones to match or you can send in either your item or the stones for us to match. If you send them in for us to match the starting cost is $1.00 per stone minimum. Because we have orders that we are already working on, we can not stop work on your order that has been here for weeks and is a RUSH order to view a picture someone else is sending.

Information about lead in Children's Jewelry Laws:
Mrstones.com deals in Jewelry Components, and has many vintage items that were manufactured many years ago. Do not assume any item to be lead free or that it complies with any such regulation unless it is specifically stated in the item description.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has enacted Federal US Regulations that require testing children's Jewelry for lead content. ALL products offered for sale by Mrstones.com, such as beads, glass, Rhinestones, Plastic, metal or wood are not intended to be handled by Children under the age of 15.

Notice, we have an Arizona Address and phone number.
There are three ways we can assist you.

1. If you know the Specific color and the exact size of a stone in millimeters, you can order right from our Mrstones.com website.

2. We have assortments and kits to assist you with colors, sizes or shapes. If a color palette has a specific number of stones in it, we will not process any order asking for a lessor amount.

3. If you do not know the Specific color name OR size in millimeters, you may want to send the Jewelry, purse, Shoe, or Picture frame to us, for us to match it.

To start this process, please go to the first page and click on the "Work Order Form" button on the top right corner., fill it out completely and make a copy for yourself. Most people do not know the exact amount, so they send CC information. ANY order that comes in without CC info, to charge for the work when done will not be processed. The is a ton of information at our website covering most questions you could have, PLEASE read the info, it is on every page.

Website Stone Orders = We have a $10 minimum order amount
Payment for replacement stones can be by Visa, MC, Disc,AMEX  or Paypal.

Payment for repaired Jewelry must be sent in with your order. If no payment is received with your order, your order will not be processed. With this type of order Credit Card is the preferred method of payment, (Visa, MC, AMEX & Disc).

Payment for Costume Jewelry can be any of the following:
Check, Money Order, Visa, Master Card, AMEX or Paypal

ORDERS for stones or Jewelry on our website are normally processed within 48 hours and shipped.

Right now ORDERS for repairs are NORMALLY processed within 3 months, having over 7000 clients in 32 countries. We never know the number of orders or the size of the orders coming in, so turn around times can vary. The minimum S&H for Repair orders is $10.95 and comes with a minimum Insurance of $100.
If you ever need your repair order processed sooner, for about 15 years we have offered a RUSH ORDER PROCESSING. This is where the Customer writes RUSH on the outside of their package. For 1-10 items of jewelry they will be charged $7.50 for the total order and the RUSH order Fee will be $15 for 11-29 items , $25 for 30 or more items.