Jewelry Repair - Sending In Jewelry

If you are a customer that needs expert work done replacing stones, matching stone, pin backs soldered on, earring conversions or laser weld's, please do the following.

  1. Click on the tab saying Work Order. Print it out and fill it out completely including all CC information. Your order will not be processed without the CC information.
  2. Number every item, so when I open your package I can see there is #1, or #4 or # 12. The numbers should correspond to each line on the Work Order Form.
  3. Use ONLY one line per item. If you need to write more information regarding any item, turn the paper over and write # whatever and write a paragraph about that item. DO NOT use multiple lines for 1 item. If you send 5 items, lines 1through 5 on the work order form should be used.
  4. Next determine how long you would prefer the turn around time.Normally Regular processing having about 7,000 customers is a few months. If you need it sooner,USE the RUSH PROCESSING, which is normally weeks for a minimum of $7.50 total for 1-12 items, More then 12 items is more, call for the amount.
  5. Ship in a safe package to me, I care about YOUR jewelry and so should you!
  6. Ship your items to:
    Matthew RIbarich
    Box 8204
    Tucson, AZ 85738

    (Note,-Some Post Offices will say it is Catalina not Tucson, it DOES NOT MATTER as there is ONLY ONE post Office in that zipcode and either (Catalina or Tucson) will get it there.

    Any other Questions, please call us at 520-825-9194