15x7mm (3146) Marquise Buff Top Doublets

15x7mm (3146) Buff Top Doublets Marquise Navette

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15x7 mm (3146) Buff Top Doublet Marquises Navettes German Vintage Glass Stones. Gold Foiled and Unfoiled.  

~Colors in Stock: Olivine (unfoiled), Topaz (unfoiled), Montana Sapphire (unfoiled), Peridot (foiled and unfoiled), Smoked Topaz (unfoiled), Jet Black, Sapphire, Black Diamond (unfoiled), Emerald, Gold Stone, White Opal, Light Sapphire, Hyacinth, Cherry Red, Jade, Chinese Jade, Japan Jade, Wyoming Jade, Lapis, Light Turquoise (chalcedony), Turquoise, Opaque Light Blue, Light Blue Moonstone, Amethyst Moonstone, Brown Moonstone, White Moonstone, Yellow Moonstone, Pink Moonstone, Green Moonstone, Sabrina Green, Red Sabrina, Opaque Rose, Frosted Crystal. 


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